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What is Plexit?

In its simplest form, it's "Planet exit" - it's a comic about a group of people who, saddened by political developments, are motivated to leave the Earth on an alien space ship and fix the legacy of another alien race that had an eerily similar past.

I started this comic messing about with the software on Pixton to see what it could do. I created a replica of myself to test the character creation system, then I created a scene entirely at random, which ended up being what's now panel 1 of Plexit. Then I pondered on what I would like to happen next. Panels 2 to 6 were born then, using default objects in the app, though the ship was originally just a re-colour of Pixton's flying saucer object.

I made most of episode 1 over the course of the afternoon and evening, with each panel being driven by what seemed a likely follow-on to the previous. Then I went to bed, intending to sleep... but, instead, I was still pondering on that comic. When I awoke the next morning, I had the whole back story that was told through volume 1, right up to when the three ships got together again.

I sketched out rough elevations of the ship on paper and went back to change panel 3, discovering that I needed premium membership to put in my own images, so I set about building the low-quality frontal shot seen in several early episodes, coming up with a direction for the story as I did.

I had a choice - to leave my character in or make up a fictional one. Laziness won - why make people up when you can use real ones? So almost every human character is based on a real person.

About the author

Douglas Carr, known as Jalnor for reasons that measure about 650 words. I'm from Lanarkshire in Scotland, to which I returned in early 2019 after 5 years in Oxfordshire. When I'm not making Plexit, I can often be found playing Steam games or board/card games, visiting the real AJ in Swindon or hanging out with friends in Glasgow. Or sometimes LARPing near Glasgow. I love Stargate, Star Trek, Discworld and Red vs. Blue - and references to all of these things tend to creep into Plexit, as does my political view of tolerance, sharing and freedom over bigotry, greed and fascism.

I studied CAD at Motherwell College, way back in the early years of the century, because I saw some renders on the wall after a freak mistake in where my "I've nothing better to do and don't know what to study" admin class was told to muster... and there, I learned AutoCAD, Revit, 3D Studio MAX and Inventor. I've since added Blender, SketchUp, DraftSight, a railway-orientated app whose name I forget and, finally, Daz Studio, which is what I use to make Plexit now. I never studied anything media-related and never expected I'd be better known for my comic than for the written works I've been creating and deleting since high school! After that study, I went into architecture and then ended up working for the NHS. I tried to go self-employed making floor plans for estate agents in the West Midlands, failed and detoured into solar panels, then to Oxfordshire for daylight analysis. Shortly after I started making Plexit, I started selling kitches for a big UK retailer, but was better at the design than the selling and got promoted to being the guy who finds all the other designers' mistakes. When that ended in 2018, Plexit became a full time career.


A number of images in this comic have come from other sources. Some of them are T-shirts you can buy.

Gigagalaxy Milky Way Panorama Taken by Serge Brunier, used with permission, for all space scenes from season 2 episode 14 onwards. You can find the source site here.

Eileen's T-shirt A fresh rendition of the US Navy emblem and motto, so credit goes to the US Navy there.

Gemma's T-shirt A Dr. Who reference line art.

Jaxom's T-shirt The Troll Face is owned by Whynne and you might be able to buy similar T-shirts from authorised parties.

Rico's T-shirt This is a reall mass-market T-shirt, available from Teepublic

Rob's T-shirt My own interpretation of the "Trust Me, I'm A Doctor" concept available in many forms from many retailers.

Sonima's T-shirt The Goth Hello Kitty image is as old as the internet itself and very much public domain; I have been unable to track down the original artist.

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