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Welcome to the website for the comic called Plexit!

Below is the most recent comic released – you can view the full listing of comics here. New comics are fortnightly and should go live on Saturdays at about 19:00 UK time. The next episode will be the 30th of November.
In addition to the comics, there are also weekly exclusive previews for patrons on Patreon, every Monday, plus open previews on Fridays, here.

First comic Previous comic Plexit Volume 2, Episode 21: Fish in a Barrel

I don't mean to look like I'm begging, but making Plexit is my full time job and it doesn't pay terribly well. If you think it's worth paying an amount of money for, no matter how little that amount might be, I'd be grateful if you'd consider sponsoring it on Patreon.
Can't afford that? Me neither. I'd be grateful if you'd share the comic, though :-)

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